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I married my high school sweetheart at age 20. And I’m so thankful to say he’s still my favorite person after many years of marriage! I do photography part time and love my day job: raising four fantastic little people. I have a passion for connecting with others…and feel most contented when my home is filled to the brim with guests. That’s one of the reasons I love being a photographer. I get to serve and connect with kind and interesting people. 

Mary Neiman

Photographer, Dreamer

A Little More About Mary…

  • I will order the most exotic item on the menu… though sometimes I regret googling it’s origin afterwards!
  • The best way to drive is with the music loud and the sunroof open. And yes, I will turn on the heat to keep my sunroof open year round!
  • Some of my first camera work was for syndicated television and CBS sports. (But I like wedding photography best of all!)
  • I love that photography is great way to bless others and am always volunteering for local charities.
  • My favorite “tourist” locations are typically well off the beaten path. No crowds, no lines!

All my packages come with a second shooter who I think is pretty amazing. My husband Ben has been shooting with me for years, and we both love it! We’re pretty good at doing life together so we decided to bring that magic to my photography business. We love shooting together because we get to build something beautiful and have an opportunity to show couples that marriage just gets better with every year! 

A Little More About Ben…

  • If you ask me where I grew-up get ready for a long answer. The short answer is everywhere the US Air Force sent us.
  • My full time job is in finance, which must be boring to some people. Everyone gets so excited over Mary’s wedding shots. But no one ever cries or hugs me for doing a great spreadsheet.
  • I love creating signature reception dance shots. Mary might lead the way with portraits, but I own the dance floor.
  • Don’t tell me something can’t be done. I can master any skill with a good YouTube video.
  • How do I like my steak? …right next to my other steak.

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