Cross Keys Barn Wedding Venue

March 18th, 2018

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Probably one of the biggest choices that couples face when planning their wedding is choosing the venue. The venue is so important as it sets the overall mood and course of your wedding day. accommodations, space, availability and cost are all resting on your venue. I’ve gotten to meet and work with many venue owners over the course of my career as a photographer and I’ve gathered some info on some local venues to help you learn more about wedding venues in the Shenandoah Valley.

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Cross Keys Barn Wedding Venue

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Cross Keys Barn is a popular wedding venue choice for many reasons! Some brides come for the breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and peaceful surrounding fields.  Other brides love the flexibility of the venue with a multitude of unique spaces, like their stunning outdoor ceremony options, “Stone Room”, bridal suite, groom’s room, and grand reception area.

The harmonious mix of rustic character, romantic lighting, and modern convenience also draws couples to Cross Keys Barn venue.  But one of the main reasons for choosing Cross Keys barn is their amazing customer service and wedding experience. They are there for their clients every step of the way and even offer unlimited return visits to the venue.

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Cross Keys Barn is a family owned and operated business that prides themselves on personable service.

Owner, Karen Liskey emphasizes, “We strive to provide high quality service.  Working right alongside our couples to ensure their wedding day is all they ever imagined and more.”

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Wedding packages at Cross Keys Barn start as low as $4,200 and are jammed pack with bonus amenities! All rentals include tables and chairs and it even includes setup and tear down according to your customized floor plan. Other free bonuses include wine barrels, church pews, a hand crafted wooden bar, farm sweetheart table, ceremony arbor, 2 parking attendants, and so much more!  Visit their website or contact them directly for more details on the abundance of extras included for no additional charge.

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Follow Cross Keys Barn on Facebook!

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