Lake At Cedar Hill Wedding Venue

March 18th, 2018

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Lake At Cedar Hill is located in the rolling hills of Linville, Virginia. Their gorgeous property features breathtaking views of The Shenandoah Valley, a 4+ acre lake and multiple breath-taking locations on their property! If you’re looking for fantastic views in a peaceful setting this venue is definitely one you should visit. This wedding venue is located on a family owned and operated 80+ acre cattle farm located in of the historical and agricultural region of Rockingham County in the central Shenandoah Valley.  I’m good friends with the owners and would recommend them without any hesitation. Click here to see a Winter Engagement Session I shot there this past winter!

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Lake at Cedar Hill offers outdoor and indoor seating. This is important, should the weather shift. A solely outdoor venue may not be as flexible. An indoor-only venue won’t have the beautiful views and outdoor seating for a comfortable evening. We believe Lake at Cedar Hill offers the best of both options and flexibility when small changes arise.


The Lake

One of the highlighting features is their beautiful 4+ acre lake with waterfront ceremony location, lakeside parking and a host of gorgeous photo opportunities! One of my favorite features is also nestled on the lake, their cozy groomsmen’s cabin. Not only do the guys have their own separate on-site location to get ready, they can also enjoy the lake and maybe even get in some fishing before everything gets started. 

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 The Barn

Their Reception location is a newly remodeled and furnished Hay-barn.  Three large roll-away doors allow for enclosed receptions in the case of inclement weather or they can be left open to take in the breath taking views and atmosphere of the Shenandoah Valley. This is also houses their beautiful bridal suite. It has large mirrors, simple decor and will make a beautiful backdrop for getting ready photos.


Onsite Transportation

They also offer an electric shuttle bus that comfortably seats up to 12 passengers. Although the distance between the lake and barn is just a short, comfortable stroll, they realize some guest may have mobility limitations or simply wish to ride.

All their package include full access to the lake and farm for set up and pictures, there are several wedding sites by the lake, barn or field, a private bridal suite, a private groomsmen cabin, round tables, chairs, table cloths, three 9 foot long farm tables, set up & break down by staff, removal of trash by staff, plenty of parking and parking attendants. Click here to learn more about their wedding packages.

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We are here to help you fulfill your dream wedding and be part of your life’s story as you prepare to live out God’s  calling and your marriage vows as husband and wife.” 
-Andrew Johnson, Owner

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