-I will order the most exotic item on the menu… though sometimes I regret googling it’s origin afterwards!
-If there's a thunderstorms I want to be near a window! It's like nature's own spectacular fireworks show!
-Some of my first camera work was for syndicated television and CBS sports. (But I like wedding photography best of all!)
-I love that photography is great way to bless others and am always volunteering for local charities.
-My favorite “tourist” locations are typically well off the beaten path. No crowds, no lines!

-If you ask me where I grew-up get ready for a long answer. The short answer is everywhere the US Air Force sent us.
-My full time job is in finance, which must be boring to some people. Everyone gets so excited over Mary’s wedding shots. But no one ever cries or hugs me for doing a great spreadsheet.
-I love creating signature reception dance shots. Mary might lead the way with portraits, but I own the dance floor.
-Don’t tell me something can’t be done. I can master any skill with a good YouTube video.
-How do I like my steak? …right next to my other steak.

I married my high school sweetheart right out of college. I’m so thankful to say he’s still my favorite person after many years of marriage! I do photography part time and love my day job: raising four fantastic little people. I have a passion for connecting with others… and feel most contented when my home is filled to the brim. That’s why I love being a photographer. I get to serve and connect with kind and interesting people. 

My husband, Ben started second shooting for me a few years ago. We’re pretty good at doing life together so we decided to bring that magic to photography. We love shooting together because we get to create something beautiful together and show couples that marriage gets better with every year! 

Hi, I'm MAry

Mary Neiman

Photographer, Dreamer

Quick Facts About Mary

Quick Facts About Ben

The Mary Anna Wedding Experience

Mary is incredibly kind, patient, and personable. She was so open to any questions we had (what to wear for the engagement shoot, what types of things to bring for wedding detail shots, if we should do a first look, etc.)

more than just photography

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Because I’ve photographed so many weddings, I know what will make  GORGEOUS wedding days portraits and send those tips straight to your email every week.

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Engagement sessions are a fun, no stress way to get you comfortable in front of the camera. We'll create natural, candid moments that look and feel good… in no time, you will both be pros with my unique posing system.

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What Makes us Unique

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A good timeline is key to a smooth wedding day. It's like a map to the wedding day you've always dreamed about. We'll talk over your wedding day and build you a custom wedding day timeline.

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What MAkes us unique


Award winning wedding photographer in Lakeland, Florida


Every photographer should have a consistent style that they produce in their work. I love creamy skin tones and beautiful soft light. I like bright true to life images and try to keep my colors true to their natural hue.

I try to keep my background simple and not distracting so all attention is on you. My specialty is capturing simple beauty and elegant moments so that you can remember them always.

My Shooting Style

It started

with a kiss

You never know when you'll meet your future spouse. For me, it was on the bus to church camp. I was only 16 and the cute new guy had definitely caught my attention. Thankfully the feeling was mutual. (The first picture below was taken the day after we met.) It's hard to believe what that casual conversation has lead to. From our first meeting we had instant chemistry and it's only strengthened over the years of our relationship. Everyday I wake up with my favorite person in the world and every year our friendship gets that much better.

Met in Highschool


Dated Through College

Married at 20 & 21

Our Happily     
Ever After

Our Love Story

Happily Ever After



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