Backyard Tent Wedding

April 18, 2020

This Northern Virginia wedding was a highlight from my 2019 wedding season. Sometimes when you meet people for the first time it can take a little bit to get comfortable, especially when there’s already added stress from the average wedding day. But that was far from the case for this wedding.

Sometimes, you feel like you’re instant friends. From the moment I walked into the bridal suite, I felt like we had known each-other for years. I don’t know if it’s because the bride is a nurse, (nurses and teachers make up the majority of my favorite clients) or because everyone was laugh with best friends or the sweet moments the bride shared with her children. It all just clicked.

The guys were all outside being great sports about posing and had me laughing during most of their portrait time. Their creative poses and sense of humor went perfectly with the giggles and joy emulating from the Brides’ quarters.

Then came one of the loveliest ceremonies. The weather cooperated perfectly and the glowing wall of trees became the perfect backdrop. But I think hands down my favorite moment wasn’t the sweetest bride walking down the aisle to a teary eyed groom, or the smiles on all the guests faces. It was the remarkable moment right after the ceremony.

The groom embraced his new son and daughter and emphatically told them, “We’re a family now, together forever!” Oh my goodness, I typically tear up during speeches and dances but I might have teared up a little early that day!




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