Do I Need a Second Photographer at my Wedding?

June 17, 2021

It’s a common question my brides will ask, “Do I need a Second Photographer at my Wedding?”

All of my wedding packages include a second photographer. And there’s a few very good reasons why I think every bride needs one.

  1. Timeline Flexibility
  2. Perspective
  3. Variety
  4. Lightning


Timeline Flexibility

A second shooter adds flexibility to your wedding timeline. Every wedding day has key moments that have to be captured to tell the full story of the day…getting ready moments (from both sides of the wedding couple), formal portraits, bridal details, the “untouched” reception shot, ceremony details etc.

Without a second shooter, all of these moments would have to be shot in sequence by a single photographer…or perhaps some cut out entirely to accommodate the wedding day timeline. But a second shooter truly opens everything up…the key wedding day shots can now be captured not only at the same time, but at the same time when it matters most…during the busiest parts of the wedding day!

As a husband and wife photography team, I shoot the bride and bridesmaids while my husband is off shooting the groom with groomsmen. This allows me to spend a proper amount of time with the bride and her getting ready moments without any pressure of also having to leave and shoot somewhere else.

If genuine and authentic moments are going to occur…they can’t happen under the strain of wedding day frenzy! Look at this picture of a bride and her mom. Even with so much else going on in the wedding day, this beautiful moment was able to happen and I was so glad I was there to be able to capture it!



A second shooter captures the same moment, but from another perspective.

Reliving moments from a different perspective makes that memory even more enriching.

You can easily picture a bride’s joyful face when she walks down the aisle. Likewise you can imagine a groom light up during that first moment their eyes meet!

If you had to pick between those two moments…which one would you choose to have photographed? Or would you rather not choose, and just have both captured for all time?



It’s not the volume of pictures that make a strong wedding gallery…it’s the variety.

A good second shooter isn’t there to provide repetitive versions of the same portraits.

A second photographer is there to fill the final gallery with creative variety.

One of my favorite ways to add variety is to use a different camera lens for the same moment. When I am shooting close-in, intimate shots, my husband is shooting the same scene as a wide, epic portrait. I couldn’t ask my brides (and awesome grooms) to re-shoot all of their wedding poses twice…first on one lens, and then on another.

But with my second shooter I can confidently deliver a final gallery that has a much richer variety of portraits!



The difference between a perfect photo and the almost perfect photo is the difference between the lightning bolt and the lightning bug!

-Mark Twain (probably)

There are so many emotional moments that happen at weddings. And that special moment when the eyes light up, the smile bursts out…and then at the almost right moment…the photographer captures it all…….from a shoddy angle. Ugh. X(

Yes. It happens.

But then I look over at my second shooter and he smiles and gives me the thumbs up! There is a quiet hallelujah happening inside!

Look at this burst of emotion on the bride’s face and on her wedding exit! I also have another photo of this same moment and it’s……fine. But this one is perfect!

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If you’re looking for a Florida Wedding Photographer and you love bright and romantic photos for your wedding day then you’ve come to the right place.




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