Sarah and Nathan’s love story starts where all true romance begins… with ice cream! They meet at a local favorite Kline’s Dairy Bar. They had instant chemistry and the rest is history. When I met them for the consult it felt like I was being reunited with old friends. It actually turned out that we had many common friends. They had their wedding booked before we left the coffee shop.

We planned their downton Harrisonburg engagement session for January. I was prepared for a chilly session, but it turned out to be one of those amazing 70 degree days that almost never happen in the middle of winter. I was shocked when I looked at the forecast. It seemed as if Providence had provided the perfect day for our session.

When they walked up to the session I just knew the photos were going to be stunning. They looked amazing and they a sparkle in their eyes. We explored all over downtown Harrisonburg. Sarah showed me some spots I had never even seen before. I think you’ll agree it was a beautiful adventure!