Eastern Shore Wedding

February 21, 2020

Mark and Emily are seriously one of the sweetest couples. I don’t know how Ben and I get so lucky to work with such amazing clients but we do! This couple is extra special because we also have the privilege of calling them dear friends. I met Mark years ago. I had just bought a camera and we were fellow students in one of my very first photography classes.  Mark actually taught me a few camera tricks back in the day! We quickly formed a friendship due to our mutual love of photography and dairy goats.

I will never forget the first time I met Emily.  We were working a mega convention together in Richmond (with over 10,000 attendees). I was the event photographer and she was managing the exhibit hall. She was organizing hundreds of exhibitors. Her skill and attention to details is seriously impressive. But the most memorable part was her pirate eye patch. I kid you not! She had scratched her cornea on the loading dock the day before and had to wear an eye patch for the majority of the convention. Thinking back now, we probably should have incorporated it into her detail shots for memory’s sake! but I digress…

Their wedding was amazingly beautiful (and well planned). Her family flew in from Washington and rented a sweet little waterfront place complete with long romantic grass and a picturesque driveway. The town is so small there are no hotels! Mark and Em hunt, fish, serve, love and explore in this quaint little waterfront community nestled away in Virginia. Their pastor incorporated their loves and lives into the marriage ceremony which always makes my heart want to burst. I can’t wait to see their love flourish and grow as they face this world together! I could go on and on about the people they help and the communities they serve but I don’t think blog posts are supposed to be that long. Mark and Emily, I pray that you hold tight to each other while you reach out to the world around you. Be salt and Light. God’s blessings on your marriage!




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