My phone buzzed. It was the Lindsey, “What do you think about the weather tonight?” It’s an important question for a natural light engagement session. We didn’t see any rain outside, so we decided to go for it and see what happened. Lindsey had just had her hair styled and wasn’t willing to have a poor forecast spoil her engagement session.

Driving to Four Winds At North Mountain I found myself wandering through rolling hills with gorgeous mountain views in the Shenandoah valley. That’s when I saw the sign “Four Winds.” When I pulled in the sky was dark and overcast, soon fog ascended on the rolling hills of North Winds. It’s funny how dreary weather can turn out beautiful in pictures.

As it turns out Lindsey was spot on continuing with her session. It was amazing! We wandered around a serene lake, we strolled in a pasture. We had a soft cloud cover, romantic fog and a small sprinkling of rain… it was beautiful! Pulling away from this session all I already knew their engagement photos were going to be fantastic.

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